The Aluminum Nation's inaugural contest is the:

Dead Clown Award Photo contest.


During the Aluminum-Man Triathlon the Dead Clown Award is earned by the competitor who wears the most eye-jarring assemblage of golf attire. Our inspiration for the Dead Clown Award came from an old issue of Playboy Magazine (yeah, we sometimes read the articles). In this article golf slacks were likened to a “pair of pants stolen off of a dead clown in a dark alley.”


Weekly winners of the Dead Clown Award contest will earn a free Aluminum Man Triathlon bumper sticker for their ride or laptop.


To enter the Dead Clown Award Photo contest send us an original photo of you, or one of your friends, or a group of your friends wearing appropriate attire. Please send us original photos, not something scraped off the Internet.


Please include some identifying descriptions with your photo like first name, last initial and location, along with your mailing address should you win. We will post acceptable photos and somehow determine a new winner (or winners) each week.

Photos - Week 1

Jim P from Tempe AZ

Email your entry to:

   Bring out your dead...

Send us your Dead Clowns!